University Publishing

The University Publishing Unit (UPU) was established in April 2018, under the university publishing regulations issued by the University Council. UPU officially launched its functions at the beginning of the 2018/2019 academic year, following five months of preparation and institutionalizing. UPU was temporarily within the Office of the Vice President for Community Affairs, until it formally become part and parcel of the university's structure.

As an executive publisher, UPU aims to institutionalize a scientific publishing system at the university, by enforcing the instructions of the university publishing, and by following up on the scientific publication carried out by the university faculties, institutes and centers.UPU documents, promotes and distributes the university's publications and assists the Special Committee with the revision of the manuscripts of publications. UPU is interested in networking with academic, community and commercial publishing houses, creating intellectual spaces with peer units in the Arab world.




Complete Publishing Catalogue is available here